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Boy meets man. Boy introduces Man to Brother. Brother and Man write many songs. Brother 2 plays guitar. Boy learns the Bass. Many different drummers...






          From Florida to Michigan, this east coast band’s performance is catching the Industries attention!!!! Energy, Passion, and Inspirational are the First 3 words that come to mind when attending Nation Of Wealth’s concert. Their stage presence compliments their sound!!! With Rock on the verge of extinction, Nation Of Wealth is the band Of Renaissance. J Rock Staffierri, event coordinator of the State Theater of St. Petersburg Florida said, “These guys are a breath of fresh air and uplifting. What rock has needed for many years!” 


          Nation Of Wealth has been very busy the last year and a half.  Just ending their tour opening for Saving AbelArt Of Dying  and Blacklite District on the Rock 4 Revival Tour, they will be heading back out for their Second Coming Tour.  They will be Touring back up to Rockapalooza in Michigan and heading east to Peter, Joe and James' old stomping ground in Syracuse, NY.

          Nation Of Wealth had the privilege of touring with Bobaflex and Xombie in November of 2012 making a lasting friendship.  On September 8, 2012, Nation Of Wealth returned to ROCKAPALOOZA OHIOin Cleveland, where they performed with MACHINE GUN KELLEY, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, ATTACK ATTACK!, TWISTA, INSPECTAH DECK (WU TANG CLAN), TEXAS IN JULY, IONIA and BOBAFLEX.


           With some touring secured under their belt with FRAMING HANLEYSORE EYES and WAYLAND in November 2011. They performed with FILTER on April 21 2012, to a sold out crowd at the State Theater in St. Pete, FL. In June of 2012, Nation Of Wealth went on their “One City @ A Time Tour” up the east to Michigan, where they shared the stage with PUDDLE OF MUDD, SALIVA, REHAB, WE CAME AS ROMANS, RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS12 STONES, EMPHATIC and IONIA at ROCKAPALOOZA. On June 25, 2012 they headed to NYC, where they were interviewed on WRCN 103.9 THE REAL RADIO SHOW by the great Frankie Dee, Henry K and AJ Pero, drummer for TWISTED SISTER. Nation Of Wealth was honored to perform at last years 95 WIIL ROCK FEST in Twin Lakes, WI. They shared the festival with great bands like ALL THAT REMAINS, SAVING ABEL, 10 YEARS, FEAR FACTORY, BLACK STONE CHERRY, STATIC-X, DUECE and STEREOSIDE.


          What makes up Nation Of Wealth’s sound? Let’s see!!! Harmonies, Harmonies, and did I mention Harmonies? From beginning to end of their debut album, One Nation @ A Time, not one song sounds alike. Which means, no one will get burnt out on their music while attending their show or listening to Nation Of Wealth’s album.


          Nation Of Wealth has learned the secret of life. They WANT to be Rock Stars and they are doing whatever it takes to achieve that goal. To them, it is not just a name. It's a way of life. "Wealth isn't just about how much money you have. It is about how much LOVE and HAPPINESS you have in your life also," said James Loiero, bass player for Nation Of Wealth.


          But these five guys from Homosassa Springs, a small town just north of Tampa Florida, know all about LOVE AND HAPINESS. Three of them have loving children and know what it takes to put food on the table. Keeping full time jobs, being Dads and performing their music is no small task for them to juggle. Nation Of Wealth keeps impressing every new person that hears them perform with the support of their families, hard dedication and sacrifice.


          Nation Of Wealth is revolutionizing the way rock music sounds today. Exploiting their duel lead vocals. Peter Loiero and Glenn Hackney provide strong melodic HARMONIES with energy and emotion, producing a vocal driven band. Mark McMillen (drums) combines soul and timing with a Metal energy not heard in quite a while. James Loiero will pulsate your heart with his animating and soulful bass lines. Joe "THE REGULATOR" Loiero, hence the eldest brother of the trio, has a unique blend of notes and chords that will fill a room with a binding sound.


          The band's sound sets emotion that derives from the varying influences of each band member. The three brothers of five, grew up during their younger years in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York listening to Punk, Hip-Hop and Alternative Rock. While Glenn lived all of his days in Florida, jamming to the Classics and good old southern rock. Glenn was very much intrigued by the likes of Pink Floyd and The Doors, including his now a day favorite Tool. Mark grew up in the Chicago area, banging his head to the smashing songs of KISS.


          When combined with a fun and energetic stage presence, you absolutely embrace the nature of Nation Of Wealth. The bands material combines fresh lyrics with solid guitar work and explosive drums.


          Nation Of Wealth would like to Thank all their friends and family for their continued support. Oh and yes, definitely their Fans. Without them, this would not be possible at all.




Saving Abel/Corinth, MS

Art Of Dying/Vancouver, BC

Bobaflex/Point Pleasant, WV

Blacklite District/Orlando, FL

Xombie/New York, NY




Puddle Of Mudd/Kansas City, MO

Saving Abel/Corinth, MS

All That Remains/Springfield, MA

Saliva/Memphis, TN

Filter/Cleveland, OH

10 Years/Knocksville, TN

Rehab/Warner Robins, GA

Fear Factory/Los Angeles, CA

We Came As Romans/Troy, MI

Taproot/Ann Arbor, MI

Black Stone Cherry/Edmonton, KY

Framing Hanley/Nashville, TN

Static-X/Los Angeles, CA

Adema/Bakersfield, CA

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus/Middleburg, FL

Deuce/Los Angeles, CA

12 Stones/Mandeville, LA

Bobaflex/Point Pleasant,WV

Stereoside/Ocala, FL

Ionia/New York City, NY

Emphatic/Omaha, NE

Xombie/New York, NY

Boy Hits CarLos Angeles,CA

Bang Tango/Los Angeles, CA

Sore Eyes/Memphis, TN

Three Years Hallow, Quad Cities (IL, IA)

L.A. Pussycats/Tampa, FL

Ignite the Borealis/Grand Rapids, MI


NATION OF WEALTH has worked with:


J-Rock Staffieri, Events Coordinator/Production Mgr for the State Theatre St. Pete, FL and a nationally syndicated FM DJ

Chris Kurtz, CEO of The Mediatwist Group/TMG

Tim Corser, Owner of Kings of Rock Entertainment and Owner and creator of the Rockapalooza Music Festival

Jon LaFrance, Radio Personality, Cox Media Group (Tampa)